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Wooldridge Photo Gallery
   The Wooldridge commitment to build the best go-anywhere boats for sportsmen began almost 100 years ago with the innovative spirit and passion for the outdoors of company founder Glen Wooldridge (1896-1986).

   The Wooldridge boat lineup selection now includes outboard and inboard jets and outboard prop models ranging from 16' to 27'. Windshield boats, open boats, cuddy cabins, rescue and fish and wildlife boats are all available. You can check out many of the models and options at their website.
   The Wooldridge Alaskan is the super-shallow running, sports car type of the Wooldridge Fleet. It doesn't take a lot of power for this agile, sure-footed boat to display incredible handling and superior shallow water performance. Check out the formed ribs on the semi-V hull and the exclusive Wooldridge tunnel pioneered two decades ago.
   This boat gets on step quickly and negotiates through narrow twisting waterways to get at the best of fishing. Available in 16' and 17'6" lengths, as an open boat with console or tiller and windshield model with large walk-thru design and broad recessed, self-draining bow for easy access.
   Taller and wider than the Alaskan is big brother, the AKII. It is the master of performance when it comes to optimum handling, shallow water performance and hauling a load with modest horsepower. You can select models of 18'6" or 20'6", with the Wooldridge jet tunnel, of course. A 45 gallon fuel tank in the 20-footer extends cruising range and time afield. You can get the Wooldridge AKII in windshield (check out the recessed, self-draining bow), open tiller and open console models for outboard jet or prop power. On the 20' there's also a removable hardtop available with forward canvas enclosure for more headroom and great weather protection.

    Check out the NEW 21' Alaskan has room to spare!!!
                                    21' Alaskan XL pictures
   Wooldridge has stepped up the game with the all new Wooldridge XL Sportjet. Powered by a 200HP Mercury Optimax, you have all of the great features of the XL but in an inboard package.
    This is the boat that has earned a rave review from owner (TJM on the Alaska Powerboating Forum). The overwhelming interest in this first boat prompted TJM to lend the boat to Marita Sea and Ski in Anchorage for boaters to check out July 19-22.  It also showed in Fairbanks this summer. Go to Wooldridge for more info on this fantastic boat! You can also read about it in their newsletter. (pdf file)
   We took lot's of pictures while the boat was here in Fairbanks. You can see some of them here and check out some video on Facebook.